Order process module 1&2

Both modules include in the starter package up to 200 programs that are converted. Also included is a customization of the converter.

To do this, you can provide lists of M commands for dipping and when the job is created, names of rotary axes and various questions about the configuration of the machine are asked.

From the 200 programs included in the starter package, you can select 10 programs to be provided in advance and give us feedback regarding your modification requests. After an adjustment of the converter, all uploaded programs (max. 200 pieces) will be saved in your order for download.

If desired, you can individually add more programs with a price scale when you first create a configuration (total number of programs > 200; start package plus variable normal package)!

Later you can access your previous orders via the menu and create a new copy of an existing order. The used configuration will be reused automatically without having to enter all data again.

You will be informed about the progress via email during the order processing!

Please note!

If you want to create an order or search in your order list, you must be registered and logged in.

Via the menu item "My account" you can...

  • "Register" - If you do not have a user account with us yet
  • "Log in" - If you already have a user account.

If necessary, you can change the desired language via the displayed language icons in the upper right corner!