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CNC-Converting GmbH deals with the conversion of CNC programs for the production of workpieces on CNC machines. Thereby CNC programs from foreign formats are translated to current Siemens-Sinumerik as DIN-ISO programs (module 1 for milling and module 2 for turning).

For the use of ShopMill and ShopTurn programs on machines with older software versions of ShopMill and ShopTurn, converters can be purchased for unlimited use (module 3).

Your advantages

Fast availability of the programs.
Individual adaptation to your machine.
Based on the configuration created for you, additional programs can be purchased at low cost.
The compatible Sinumerik machining cycles are output in a way that can be retranslated, i.e. new technological functions (e.g. tracing on the contour or limiting the machining area when turning) can also be used.
Adaptation of M commands, if an exchange list is provided.
If necessary, adaptation of programs to other machine kinematics is possible.

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Order process module 1&2

Both modules include in the starter package up to 200 programs that are converted. Also included is a customization of the converter.

Read more: Module 1/2 - Description

Order process module 3

With module 3 you get a conversion software with dongle for unlimited use.<br><br>

Read more: Module 3 - Description